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Are you longing to endow your close ones, by something extraordinary with a touch of exotic? Do you want to give an original or distinct gift to your partners or employees? You will find a number of different possibilities by us, for accomplishing these.

Gift certificates  | Value certificates | Credit Charging

Gift Certificates

Gift certificate Do you have a favourite procedure, which you would like to dower somebody with? In case of interest in a particular procedure, this is your choice for hundred percent. You will automatically get a 10% discount on the chosen procedure, when buying the gift certificate.

Value certificates

Value certificate Would you like to dower or award someone, but you are not quite sure, which is the right procedure? Don not despair. You can buy value certificates worth 500,- Kč and please someone with them in arbitrary amount.

Credit Charging

Are you our frequent customer, or would you like to use our services for your business partners or close ones, but certificates are not a suitable alternative for you? We offer you the possibility of charging a credit of arbitrary value. The discount which will be given to you in value certificates of 400,- Kč value, unwinds according to the credit range.

For more information, please contact the Ambassador Thai & Wellness Club reception.