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Luxurious massages in the centre of the capital city Prague

Welcome to the website of one of the most luxurious Thai massage centers in the centre of the capital city Prague. The best of Thailand is brought to you by our professional team of Thai, Ayurvedic and other specialized masseurs in the thematic spaces of the Ambassdor Zlatá Husa Hotel. You may relax deeply in our centre during various massages and procedures, which all take place in separate thematic rooms with their own bathrooms, Asian music and flowing fountains.

The best Thai massages from native-born Thai ladies. Our main specialization is a wide variety of Thai massages, which differ in duration, products used or the body part on which they are concentrated. Native-born Thai ladies, who with their professional stance contribute to relieve of your body and soul, carry out all the Thai massages.

Fabulous Ayurvedic massages

In the following we offer ayurvedic massages, which are carried out by our experienced Ayurvedic masseur. Combination of aged knowledge and comprehensive experience are a guarantee of quality and satisfaction of all your wishes and expectations.

Augmenting offer of special massages

Thai massages and Ayurvedic massages are also accompanied by a group of special massages, between which Hot Stone massage, honey massage, chocolate massage and many other procedures and massages belong, who’s offer is continuously extending.

Relieving of body and soul right in the centre of Prague

Anytime you will have a way through the centre of Prague and will need a moment to run away from reality, or just relax, don’t hesitate to stop by at the Ambassador Thai & Wellness Club and find yourself in the world of Thai massages fragranted with tropical scents and mysterious ingredients, which make your day special through pleasant and soothing procedures.

Thai massages as a gift or as a compliment

Don’t forget your closest ones, friends or business partners, to whom you can buy gift certificates.